Any one who loves books, probably doesn’t love the Kindle all that much. I said books, not reading. Well neither did I, until I realized that there are really several advantages to Kindle-ing. Ever since Amazon came up with the Kindle app, my views have changed. I still love paper books and love buying them, but the Kindle has it’s own perks.

1) Since I have it on my tab and on my phone, I can literally read anywhere, even when I’ve forgotten to carry my book along.

2) No one can see what you’re reading. So sometimes when you want to read a physics book you don’t have to explain stuff to people who have a puzzled look on their face.

3) You can read at work. People will think you’re working on your tab.

4) You can switch between books, because you can and you don’t have to lug around the weight.

5) You can read really fat books with one hand and without a sore shoulder.

6) You can easily increase the font size when you’ve forgotten your reading glasses.

6) The best part… you don’t have to wait. One click and you can’t instantly start reading the book that you just heard about. You don’t have to walk to the store or wait till your order arrives.

Having said all of this, I will still never stop buying paper books. 🙂