Which era would you like to live in?

Something I wrote a while back…enjoyed reading it again so I thought I’d bring it to the front of the line.

Looking through a frosty window...

I was watching Mad Men the other day and was wondering, would I like to live in that era? The TV show definitely romanticizes the time period, and there would be probably a few people who would think, how cool is that?

Fast forward to a futuristic time… would you want to live way into the future where everything this computerised and robots roam freely?

Personally I don’t know which is better… If you come to think about it, I think I would like to live in the 80’s and early 90s. I grew up during that time, so although I saw it, I didn’t enjoy it in my prime. I think that was a time when modern life errupted and people really found their voices. It was a time for fashion, music, art and high finance. It was a time when people didn’t go overboard with things and zealots…

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3 thoughts on “Which era would you like to live in?

  1. I love the swashbuckling kind of era, I don’t know when that was exactly, all dashing chivalrous men and heaving bossomed women. It’s kind of weird for me as a mixed race person though to imagine that it’s not so far back in history that I would have been regarded as an abomination or not even allowed to happen… heck for some people that’s still how they feel. But yeah it’s quite sobering to think that it’s only relatively recently that someone like me would be widely accepted as a valid member of society.

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    1. Any era with Johnny Depp as pirate in it would be fine for me too. 😉
      On a more serious note, I had never really thought about the type of attitudes people had/have in different eras. I come from a very small, relatively poor country and I can relate to u somewhat in how people view me. I still get a look of shock when I tell people my nationality. But I think, any one who can’t accept u, is the one who has the problem.

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