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I’m trying to study again and it’s hard. It’s been 11 years since I graduated and in all this time I’ve never really had to study for anything. Sure there were a few courses at work, but nothing major.

Now, I’ve decided to get a professional qualification that’s quite challenging. When I was younger, studying is something that came naturally to me. Even throughout my career, anything that needed some study has been so easy. But now, trying to focus on real studying is hard.

I’ve been trying to get this qualification for the last 8 years, but I never managed to study enough to actually sit for the exams. Every year something would come up and I just had to give it up. This year I just can’t give up. I just have to see it through.

I so admire the people who can work and study…. people who go through college at night or part time Master’s degrees. It takes real determination. Seeing as how out of practice I am and how daunting this task feels to me right now, I am open to any suggestions that would help.