I’ve seen quite a few blog posts that talk about people keeping gratitude journals. Some are long, some are workbooks and some are just simple thoughts. 

I think this is a really good idea and I’ve decided to start one. I’m going to keep it really simple. I have nice little Diary from Typo that I got as a gift and I never used it because it was just too small for anything. But, I think I can put it to good use now. 

I’m going to start with writing just one thing I’m grateful for everyday. It’s such a nice way to feel good about the things we have in life. There’s even research to prove that people who express gratitude feel good about themselves and it alleviates depression. I guess it also ties in somewhat with the law of attraction. The more we are thanful for the things we have and the more positive thoughts we express, the more we attract positivity into our life. Some people also do it as a part of religion or spirituality. 

I think I’m going to try it.