I know there are no written rules in the world of blogging but sometimes I wonder how much is too much in a day. For some reason, if I’ve posted something in a certain day, I never post anything else. In fact, I always wait a day or two. But the mind doesn’t work like that. At least my mind doesn’t. When I get ideas, they seem to flow. But then I can go on for days, without a thing to write.

I had re-blogged a really great post from “Harsh Reality’s” blog called There is no such thing as over posting (I highly recommend you read his post). And while I desperately want to take his advice, I just can’t seem to do it. If I write  more than one post in a day, I would schedule it, so that I would have a rather steady stream of posts instead of bursts of two or three posts.

I don’t know what the right way is… but would surely love to hear any thoughts on this….