Time for a planner update post….

I was browsing through the new bookstore near my house and I came across a fantastic section, all on Filofax. I was so excited to find that they had brought both the Clipbook and the Filofax Notebook. When the Clipbook originally came out, I was extremely skeptical about it. But now, picking it up and holding it my hands, really made me fall for it. The leather look covers look great. I really didn’t like the plastic covers. I could definitely see myself using one of these. So I picked it up.

The Clipbook by Filofax (see the gorgeous colour and look)
So it would seem that after a few of months of using a Moleskine, I’ve decided to go back to using a Filofax, in a manner of speaking. I loved using the Moleskine DPP dairy, especially because it was the Star Wars edition. It felt very liberating without any frills, or having to think too much about what to put in or not put in. But as most Filofax enthusiasts know, it’s only a matter of time till we revert to our old habits.

DPP Diary Inserts in A5

Fully loaded Clipbook





I put in my own DPP diary pages, and managed to fit in Aug to Dec. While it looks fat, it’s pretty light weight and easy to carry even in a medium sized bag. No added stuffing and my back feels happier.

It comes with a variety of non-dated inserts. But I don’t like fold out pages much, probably just not used to them. There’s one lay out which I think has potential, which is the week on two pages shown below.

I’m trying to resist the temptation of putting in any plastic pouches or card holders, for fear that it will become bulky. But I may give it a try for a bit. I’m also looking at adding some kind of clip to carry loose A4 print outs folded in half. I’m quite sure I will need to soon.

Until next time…