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Hey nosies!

Having your heart broken can be such a humbling experience.  Once the initial sadness and anger pass, you’re left with this dreadfully loud, answer-seeking silence.  Usually I like being in my own head (such an entertaining place to be), but this silence is the worst. It forces this unfavorable “self-check”; one that makes you assume some responsibility for what’s happened to you…and who really wants to do that??  The only upside to having your heart broken is working the role of the “victim” and claiming your “victim” benefits.   

As an unfortunate regular, I must say that I love my perks.  You get showered with hugs and sympathy…you gain a “we hate him too” crew…you receive pity drinks at the bar. Yes, I love it all.  Now, did any of these perks help me move on with my life? No.  Did they help me avoid repeating…

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