So lately I’ve been trying to write around themes and topics, mainly choosing from my list of drafts. But today, I’m down and I just feel like writing. I’ve just been so overwhelmed with everything lately. I’m alone at home taking care of the kid so somehow managing between school, work and a pseudo-day care. My mom’s away so I have no one to help out and there’s just so much to do. To top that, work has been crap. I’ve been leaving around 7 every evening which is horrible because I hardly have time to run through some school work and dinner. It’s still past her bed time by the time I can get her down and she struggles to wake up every morning. She’s been a good sport though, not complaining about anything even the quickly made meals or leftover pasta. Oh and did I mention, she’s having her term exams. 

But today was exceptionally depressing. After all the work I’ve put in, the long hours, the foregone holidays, picking up other people’s slack… My boss still seems to think I’m not doing enough and I’m lacking somehow. This sucks. I don’t know what to think or make of it. May be I’m taking it too much to heart because I’m tired and overwhelmed otherwise. I don’t know. But I am a bit depressed today and I just want to feel down for a bit.