One of the things I’ve been doing lately is writing without restrictions. I know this is probably something that writers practice doing all the time but for people who write reports and such, it’s probably not the way to go about it. However, I think it can work for any type of writing and especially in this day and age, when we have computers so editing isn’t a problem at all. 

I think I read somewhere that it’s important for the brain to to just let loose. Well I guess the article said with more professional words but, you get the basic picture. We need to have barriers when it comes to getting ideas flowing. I’ve noticed this helping me a lot recently. Whether it’s making to-do lists, or writing a report, or even just journaling. Stopping to think about what you’ve written or what should be written next just creates a mental block. 

I’ve started to seriously use this for my to-do list as well. In a way it is also the basis for the GTD method, write everything down and then prioritize. Just take a piece of paper, be it in your planner or a notepad, and write down everything you have to do including buying milk. This way you get everything out of your head. Then take the time to schedule it in for specific days or group by type, shopping, work, etc. 

Most importantly, I’m finding it very useful when it comes to writing out my report. When I stop to edit while I’m writing, I realize that I lose my train of thought. I’m feeling some improvement and it’s really helping with the procrastination as well. I actually write instead of getting stuck in the planning phase and worrying about the piece being perfect. And in case you don’t like what you’ve written, there’s always the backspace or delete key. 

Happy writing!