If you take a walk around my apartment, you are bound to find at least 20 Moleskine notebooks, if not more. They’re all different sizes, formats, and colours. But, if you open up any of the notebooks, you’ll realize that none of them have been used completely. Some are even brand new. I get excited every now and then, go to the store and, buy a Moleskine. I know it’s not a good habit because they are expensive. Somehow I always  manage to convince myself that I need a new one, even though I have bunch of them lying around.

I don’t know why I’ve never been able to finish one. It’s not like I don’t like the paper, but I’m just fidgety. I can’t seem to last that long in one bound notebook. I only buy bound notebooks for my personal journal and Moleskines feel too plain for that.

Anyway, I was doing some spring cleaning a few weeks ago and I found one my notebooks from 2010. I thought about throwing it away but, then decided against it. I decided to try and challenge myself to actually finish the notebook this time. So I’ve started to use it at work. So now half of this notebook has stuff from 2010 and the other half from 2016, which is odd, but fun. It’s ripped and seems to be falling apart a little but, somehow I’m super comfortable using it. So I’m going to stick with it and see if I can get through at least one Moleskine, for once!