*Warning: somewhat picture heavy post*

Ok so one of things I’ve been struggling with is the weight of my bag. My neck and back problems seemed to be coming back and they were definitely not pleasant when I had it in the past. So I did some downsizing and lightened the load. I did a post about it here.

One of the things I did was to move into a Pocket Filofax vs the Personal. I bought a Pocket Chameleon in black way back in 2013 but never successfully used it as a daily planner. I did use it to keep blog notes, book lists, quotes etc. So this time I thought let me give it a try.

I love the Chameleon. You can see how beautifully it still shines even after 6 years.


I decided not to use a major diary but instead used printable monthly inserts from Ray Blake (http://www.mylifeallinoneplace.com/). Please check out his awesome website for free printable inserts in all shapes and sizes.

I printed them out on this lovely A4 pad I had from Paperchase. I printed them in a way that the calendar is on the plain side while I can write notes on the patterned side.


Finally I kept the bunch of notepaper and didn’t do much else. The notepaper is a mix of Filofax and Paperchase. I’ve kept the colourful ones on purpose so I can have different sections and find my note paper easily. I have my daily work task in a Levenger Circa Junior (something I’m trying for the first time).

I love that the Chameleon has a full length pocket at the back so I can stuff even A4 sized paper.

I’ve kept it simple. Now let’s see if this work.