Since I decided to move back into the personal size Filofax, I wanted something lightweight. I do have a few nice ones but, for some reason I dusted off my LV.

This is called the LV Agenda in Taiga and it’s the MM size, which is the medium size. It has 6 rings and the spacing is similar to the Filofax Personal or the Franklin Covey Compact size. I have the one in black.

It’s quite a compact planner and sleek looking. The cover is black with a hidden popper, 6 credit card slots and business card pocket on one side, secretarial pocket on the other. One pen loop. I’ve put some pictures at the bottom.

I had splurged on this a couple of years ago as a gift to myself when I got promoted. I had my initials put in as well. They don’t emboss it for you, they just heat stamp it.

What’s awesome about this planner:

  1. The leather is coated so it does not get scratched easily or discoloured.
  2. It super lightweight probably because of the the type of leather.
  3. It lays flat
  4. The cover has a very muted LV emboss, so it has a classy feel to it. I really wouldn’t want my planner to scream LV. (at least not the one I take to see clients)
  5. The size is more like a FC Compact rather than a Filofax, so it takes the larger FC size paper without sticking out (it’s 5.5 x 7.1 inches). (The page lifters in the picture below are from FC.)
  6. The inside is very simple, but it has a secretarial pocket, which I want and the card slots are really comfortable for those who use them.
  7. The rings seem to be smaller than 1 inch but I like the size. Somehow, even when it’s full, it holds it shape and feels compact. No bulging.

What’s not nice:

  1. The pen loop is not comfortable at all. So I just insert the pen by the clip instead of the whole pen.
  2. The rings are of poor quality. They seem very flimsy to me for some reason. I also feel that they will become misaligned in time or with heavy use. Let’s see. I guess LV can replace it for me. It’s the least they should do given the considerable amount spent on it .

I don’t know why I haven’t used this planner more often given all the positives. I think it’s because of the rings. I felt heavy duty use would break it. But now I really want to use it because I realised it’s lightweight enough for me to carry a lot of paper without getting too heavy (I’m trying out two calendars).

All in all, it’s been a great investment and I’m glad I bought it.

LV frontInterior LVInterior Back