Business blog

These days I see a lot of people writing articles on LinkedIn. I’ve never much liked the website but use it to keep professionally contacts. But it seems that lately it has become a popular forum for people with even a few thoughts to voice their opinion on subjects. 

I’ve been thinking of posting a few articles there and then I thought why not start a business blog. Not the kind where I would sell something but, the kind where I would opine about world events, the economy, financial topics and other related areas. 

I’ve been toying with this idea for a few days now. I even decided to get a domain, picked out a name and all. But running a business blog will mean a fair amount of research. I wouldn’t just be able to churn out blog posts. I’m not even sure about the kind of audience I would be able to reach. 

I’m still lining up a few ideas for posts. I may think of going ahead and doing it. But for now I will probably keep this on the back burner till next year. It’s been tough work year already and I need to focus on closing out my deals for this year. I’m a lot more comfortable blogging about my personal life and interests for the moment and happy to carry on with it for now. 

Comments Welcome...

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