Filofax Pocket hack

I’m trying to use the Filofax pocket again because of lifestyle changes. I was using a Personal Compact but felt I should try something smaller. This is my fourth attempt at using a pocket so I don’t know if it will stick. But that’s a story for another time. 

For now I want to share a quick tip to fit personal size pages into the pocket. I realized that the reason I always stuck to Personal size was the numerous reference pages I had that I didn’t want to copy all over again. These pages have about 10 years of info and I seriously can’t lose them. 

I decided to punch them with along the bottom short end and put them in the pocket rings. After the first one, I realized that using them in a personal again would cause a lot of wear and tear. Here’s what I did:

I took some fat washi tape and folded it over along the edge. That way the  tape gets punched and not the holes. If I want to move them back to the Personal, I can just trim the edges. 

Now I’m happier and I hope my Pocket experiement lasts. 🤞 

4 thoughts on “Filofax Pocket hack

    1. Oh thank you! I really want it to work out too this time. I don’t want to do an update/moving in, just yet; until I’m sure. Also, I’m using Moleskine pages (pocket size) which are slightly bigger. Something I learned from the famous Kent from Oz.


  1. Allowing time sounds good! My own experience was just letting things fall into place over time is what worked best. Didn’t force anything into any binder, just used them each as felt comfortable and let things sort themselves. More of what IS working, not ‘should’ be 🙂

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