I’m trying to use the Filofax pocket again because of lifestyle changes. I was using a Personal Compact but felt I should try something smaller. This is my fourth attempt at using a pocket so I don’t know if it will stick. But that’s a story for another time. 

For now I want to share a quick tip to fit personal size pages into the pocket. I realized that the reason I always stuck to Personal size was the numerous reference pages I had that I didn’t want to copy all over again. These pages have about 10 years of info and I seriously can’t lose them. 

I decided to punch them with along the bottom short end and put them in the pocket rings. After the first one, I realized that using them in a personal again would cause a lot of wear and tear. Here’s what I did:

I took some fat washi tape and folded it over along the edge. That way the  tape gets punched and not the holes. If I want to move them back to the Personal, I can just trim the edges. 

Now I’m happier and I hope my Pocket experiement lasts. 🤞