I’ve always been a pen and paper person. So I always put down my ideas, my thoughts, my to-do lists and my notes on paper. I know it’s not a novel idea but I think when we write things down on paper, our ideas flow better. I have even written blog posts on paper and then typed them up. I know it may make me sound like somewhat of a luddite but I seriously feel that I think better and remember better when I write things down by hand.

The other good thing about putting things down on paper (and this could be done on the computer as well) is to list out all this things you want to do. I’m starting a new venture and so this has me doing a lot of new stuff. I also have to strategize as to how I want to put my plans into practice. I haven’t written it out completely but I’m starting to. I think when we write things it’s out there in the world. Ideas seem to take shape and I feel they’re more likely to come alive and take shape.