Mercury in retrograde:

I read somewhere that life is chaotic when Mercury is in retrograde. Well I’m exhausted and things seem to be coming towards me from all angles. I almost forgot to write this post as well. So there’s probably some truth to this.

Closed my account on Freelancer:

I gave it a shot for a few months but I realized it wasn’t my cup of tea. I bid selectively, trying to make sure I only bid for projects I am fit for. So that probably didn’t help because I realized people just randomly bid for everything. I also realized that people paid pennies for a lot of work. Quality isn’t a big factor, it’s more about quantity. In any case, with my consulting practice picking up, I don’t have the time anymore.

Got my first company checkbook:

I feel so proud. It’s got my company name printed on every page. As I wrote out my first check (for rent!), it filled my heart with joy. It’s the little wins in life that make me happy.