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You know you’re a planner addict when…


  1. You carry your planner around like a security blanket
  2. You’re more afraid of losing your planner than you are of losing your cellphone or car keys
  3. You’re mortified if someone dares to touch your planner
  4. You spend hours on the internet looking at planner videos, Instagram posts, Pinterest and blog posts.
  5. You keep re-reading your favorite blog posts about planners
  6. You keep thinking of newer and better ways to plan, even if your set up is working
  7. You spend $$$ on planning supplies without remorse
  8. You have to have the latest trending planners even if you know it won’t work for you
  9. You buy every size of a planner just to see if it will work for you
  10. Every time you say you have planner peace, you secretly know it’s not true