thoughts for thursday 26 dec
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We’re finally here. It’s the last Thursday of the year and my final round up for the “decade”! Happy Thursday All!!

A book I read

Den of Thieves – James B Stewart

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Working in finance, you would think that this would be on my reading list a long time ago. Well, it was but I never got around to reading. It’s 550 pages in small print. So you can imagine that what a dauting task I thought it would be particularly because this is a true account and written by a journalist. I was so wrong. It’s such a well-written, exciting book. The writer has taken a subject matter that should be riddled with technical language and made it a novel that I couldn’t put down.

I’m glad that this is the book I chose to end this decade of reading.


A song I’m listening to

One Republic – I lived

So many good songs have come out in the last 10 years. It’s hard to pick one that would be appropriate. But, I think this is a good one to end the decade.


Words I love

A child will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, pay packets emptier, homes happier, clothes shabbier….

The Past Forgotten and the Future Worth Living.


My mother had this plaque hanging in her room and she would read this to me over and over again. It made me happy that I was all that for her. But I never fully understood those words until my daughter was born.