january scrabble
Photo by Plush Design Studio on Pexels.com


We’re midway between January already. They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well, the past few weeks haven’t exactly been fun for me but, they’ve flown by nonetheless.

An app I downloaded – Hemingway Editor

I’ve heard a lot about this app and decided to give it a go. There’s a couple of things I like about it. It shows me when my sentences are too long. It shows me a word count and a readability stat. But for the most part, I ignore many of the suggestions simply because I feel that it doesn’t accept my style of writing. I do however, really like that I can publish straight to Medium or to WordPress with the formatting in tact.

A book I read – The Road by Cormac McCarthy

I’ve heard so much about this book. I did end up giving it four stars on Goodreads because I liked the ending. However, the book was tedious at times and I didn’t particularly like the main character. There’s a lot of repetition and sometimes it drags on. But, it’s not a long book so it was well worth my time.

A new service I used – Hello Chef

It’s meal service where you pick out menus and they deliver the ingredients to you. I picked out four menus for the week and everything got delivered in one day with the recipes. It was super convenient and easy to cook. We thoroughly enjoyed cooking and eating the meals. It was a pleasant break from the norm and I didn’t have to think about planning or buying special ingredients.

Happy Thursday All!