Downgrading WordPress Plan

I’ve decided to downgrade my WordPress plan because I don’t get much use out of the premium features. If I was a heavy-duty blogger, I probably would have found it more helpful. But ever since I started my business website with a combination of Blue Host and, I have thought about changing over this site as well. The paid or premium plans seem like a waste for me.

Going back to work

After a year of having my own business, I have decided to go back to more steady employment. I will work on contract and continue my consulting practice on the side. It’s a scary time to go back to work but, it’s also a scary time to not have steady income. Working on a project basis is great because it gives you the flexibility of spending time doing things you want. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the time I got to spend with my daughter. But, the “feast or famine” cycle is also very real. With an uncertain market environment, fewer deals get done and getting paid becomes a challenge.

Tough times

Times are tough. Every morning we wake up to worse news that the previous day. I actually prayed for the world today.

Here’s to hoping that the affected people recover, and the rest remain safe.


Photo by chris liu on Unsplash