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I haven’t always been very regular with this blog and not for a lack of ideas.

I love writing but, a good part of my work day is spent writing. So switching from business writing to creative writing can sometimes get challenging.

It’s also the case that most days I’m just so tired from work and chores that my brain just doesn’t want to spend another couple of hours working. All I want to do at the end of the day is put up my feet and chill.

But, it doesn’t always have to be that way. I’m a huge believer in breaking things up into smaller chunks so it’s more palatable.

I’d read somewhere that blog posts need to be of a certain length if you want them to be meaningful.

While I love reading a good long post, I can’t seem to bring myself to write too many of them. I asked myself, what’s more important… waiting to put together the perfect long post or actually writing something? I choose the latter.

I have these bursts of ideas which I think I can get across in under 300 words and that’s what I aim to do. I’m not out to win a blogging contest. I just want to write. So, I’m keeping it short.