Pick a niche… stick with it… write about what you know

That’s what I read every time I open a how to about blogging. There are just too many bloggers out there saying the same thing.

I see value in this but, what if you don’t want to pick a niche? What if what you know is not what you want to write about? And what if you want to write about anything and everything?

When I started this blog, I don’t think I had a very specific idea. I knew I just wanted to write.

I certainly didn’t want to write about what I do. I work in corporate finance, and after the long grueling hours, I really didn’t want to write about all of that.

I enjoy writing about planning, time management and organizing. I suppose my corporate job has helped me learn a few things along the way so I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned.

I can see the wisdom in the advice though. When I blog on Medium, there’s a handful of topics I write about, including my take on financial markets. I’ve come to see that having a few areas of focus is rewarding in it is own way.

But, this is a personal blog. My stories will not follow a niche and I’m completely okay with that. In fact, most of the people I follow on WordPress through this blog write random posts and I love that.

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