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The last few months have been difficult for all of us. Our basic sense of security has been challenged and we just don’t know what to make of it really. There’s anxiety and confusion…many are not doing too well.

Some people are taking harder than others. I think it’s particularly hard for people who live alone. Having to stare at the four walls of your room day after day, is enough to drive even the sanest person crazy. 

Reach Out

This is where our compassion needs to kick in. For those of us who can lend a helping hand, we should. A simple phone call, or zoom call is enough to brighten up someone’s day. It’s important for us to check in on our friends and really ask how they are doing. It’s not just enough to have “how’s the weather?” conversations. 

I can imagine that not everyone will react positively. And some people will be reluctant to open up. But, I still think they will appreciate it. They may not immediately want to pour their heart out and that’s ok. At least they know they have a friend to turn to when they need to. 

Check yourself

I’m sure many of us have started to sound cynical these days. I know I have. But, I’m trying to check myself. This isn’t really the time to breed even more negativity. It’s one thing to talk about your fears and yet another to simply complain and judge. 

It’s basic human nature. We are all feeling some level of frustration and helplessness. They way to tackle this is to remember that the world always restores its balance. 

Circumstances in life have taught me that there’s always hope. 

Hope is contagious…so let’s make sure this goes viral. 

Take care

Sometimes, we get so caught up in helping other people that we forget ourselves. We’re no good to anyone, if we’re not stable. 

Remember the safety warning on planes. Always wear the mask first and tend to yourself before tending to others. This is no different.  

So when you’re trying to help out a friend who’s down, remember to get help yourself. Sometimes, you will get caught up in the emotion. Depression and anxiety can also be contagious. You need to make sure that you’re pulling your friend out, instead letting your friend pull you in. And if you feel that happening, reach out to a friend who can pull you out. 

I’m writing this from personal experience. I see some of my friends struggling and I’m trying to be there for them. In the process, I’ve also noticed that I’ve been slipping. My days started to seem empty and I feel this listlessness. I realized this yesterday and it scared me a little. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the negativity going around us. We need to remember to reach out, and take care.