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I got a notification from Gmail today. It said that I had almost used up all of my 15MBs of free space. Sounded a little crazy to me. So I looked through the usage statistics. Practically, all my usage was on account of emails. I opened this email account sometime in 2006 and have been using it as my personal email ever since.

I decided to delete a lot of unnecessary emails that I was hoarding. It took me over an hour to delete about 9000 emails. I’m still not done. There’s still so much junk that I need to get rid of.

Most of the emails I deleted were simply newsletters and advertising. If this had been paper mail, I’d be sitting on stacks that would fill a room. Ok, I’m exaggerating but, you know what I mean.

We’re bombarded on a daily basis with so much nonsense. I don’t know how we manage to sift through all of this needless pieces of information. Email is not the only thing that you read. You’re on apps and websites, reading posts and articles. If you think about it deeply, it’s exhausting and actually overwhelming.

I’m going to make an active effort to process things as I go. If something is of no value, I’m not storing it. Not every email that comes needs to be read, and not every article you bookmark has to be studied. Time is precious, we need to use it wisely.