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Some people insist that you have to write everyday to have a successful blog. Well, I suppose there are two camps of thought. Those who favor quality and those who favor quantity.

Those who favor quality generally put out longer blog posts less often. Those who favor quantity tend to write shorter posts with more frequency.

I’m a bit of both.

For the longest time, I devoted very little time to writing. I’ve had this blog for ten years yet, I have only 500 odd followers and not much going on at all. I realize that had I posted more, I probably would’ve achieved some kind of status in the blogging world.

What held me back is having this mindset that writing took an enormous amount of time. I held myself to a standard where I thought I should write 1000+ words for every post. That never happened.

Managing a full-time job, side projects and a family doesn’t leave you with a lot of time. At the end of the day the thought of sitting to write a thousand words was intimidating.

What’s more is, I write over 10,000 words a week for my job. It’s mostly analysis on companies and industries still, it was still a lot of writing.

It took me a long time to figure out, what kind of blog I wanted to have, only because I wasn’t paying attention. Then it was settled, I didn’t have to choose. I could be both.

Sometimes we complicate our lives unnecessarily with rules that we think we need to follow. There are so many things in this world that we don’t have control over anyway. Why complicate the things that we can control.