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We’re very lucky. We live in a time when we don’t really need make a lot of effort to capture a person’s attention. All we need to do is capture a person’s screen time on their phone or laptop.

Marketing used to be an art form. In many ways it still is. But, the most important difference is we all have access to the tools.

The other day I posted something on LinkedIn. It was a simple comment. Nothing too insightful or fancy. In one day, I reached over 200 views. I reached 200 people in one day.

Here’s the down side, though. It’s really easy to get something in front of someone these days. But there’s no staying power. You get 200 hundred views in a day and then poof, it’s gone. You’re yesterday’s news. Whatever you’re marketing doesn’t stay visible for too long.

The only way to create any kind of staying power is to be consistent in your posting. People work hard to create content just to be remembered. There’s no capturing a person’s share of mind or share of heart any more. There are no memorable impressions to be made. The point is being visible as often as possible on that tiny screen. Whether the content is relevant or not is a secondary issue. What’s important is showing up.

I have to admit, at least social media has managed to create some discipline in people.