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I don’t like asking for help. I know it’s not one of my better qualities. 

A  few weeks ago though, I decided that it may be worth a shot asking a headhunter for some help on opportunities in the market. I’m happy with what I’m doing but, it never hurts to look. 

So I reached out to someone who I’d been in touch with years ago. In fact, he’d recently started a new position and was looking for some guidance about the financial sector. I helped as best I could at the time but, I wasn’t hiring so there was nothing more I could do. 

At least I thought I helped him. Maybe he didn’t see it that way.

When I reached out to him now, he was just so arrogant in his responses. I sent him an email with my resume and he didn’t even bother to reply. He was unbelievably unprofessional. 

Needless to say, I was shocked. More so, because this guy is all over LinkedIn, flaunting his personal achievements, his promotion and how many placements he’s made. Just today, he posted a long list of job openings and I would be more than good enough for at least three positions but the guy told me he doesn’t look at that sector.

What a fraud!

I know, most people would say… if you’re looking for a job, you should be the one following up. And that’s probably what he believes as well. He thinks people are desperate so people will chase him, plead with him, and do just about anything to get his attention. This is his season and he’s in the driver’s seat. But, seasons change. 

What I find utterly sad and disgusting is the hypocrisy. You see one thing online and then you realize that the person isn’t even close to the image that they portray. Sure, we all probably put our best face on when we’re on the internet but, it shouldn’t be to the point where we’re lying about our jobs. 

I know LinkedIn is the new Facebook, and everything we post is all about creating an image of who we want people to think we are. It’s the perception that’s most important. Nevermind what’s really going on. 

Well, when people do it with their personal lives, it’s something you can choose to ignore. I haven’t scrolled through Facebook in years.

But, when it’s on LinkedIn and you’re branding yourself as a professional who’s there to help people, that’s just not right!!! 

My friends told me to call him out on his behavior, in public. But, I decided why bother. Truth be told, the situation bothered me. And it bothered me for a while. 

But, then I got over it and I only remembered it today, when I saw his post with the long list of jobs. You know what, I just removed him as a connection, wrote this post and will over and done with.