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I’ve been writing professionally for a while. I’ve been writing about finance and the economy because that’s what I do. I always thought writing a blog shouldn’t be about work. But, then I realized that I could actually help people. I had something to share, something to teach. So I started to write about things I know – the world of finance.

Turns out there’s a lot people don’t know about investing and finance. And people are always hungry for more information. Some people want a quick fix. They just want you to tell them where they can put their money to make a 1000% return.

But, then there are others who actually want to understand and learn the basics. And I love that. I write for them and it’s been very rewarding. I don’t charge anything for what I attempt to teach. I don’t feel I’m ready yet. I’ve spent the last 3 to 4 months trying to build this out and it’s come to point where I want to just add more value and still not have to charge people.

At some point, it would be wrong not charge people though for the simple reason that others who are trying to the same thing I do, are charging. I feel we all should be on equal footing. Even ground.

I’ve always loved writing but, for the first time the experience has become really rewarding. Now, I realize why so many bloggers do it professionally. I never saw myself being a professional blogger. I never thought I had it in me. But, now I’m gravitating towards that.

I’m cautious but optimistic.