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During the pandemic, I decided to re-activate my Twitter account. I was bored or may be I just wanted some human interaction in some form. Who knows? But, being stuck at home in a lockdown certain left me wanting for something.

It’s not that I didn’t have friends to talk to. But, I think the feeling of going out and seeing people of the streets has its own charms. So, I guess turning to social media was the thing. Bit by bit, I discovered a massive online community centered around finance and the stock market. And while I realize that people go there to learn and be better with their investing or trading, I think the majority of people go there to find a place to belong.

The offshoot of these communities have now become more mini communities that people have either moved onto Discord or to private feeds.

The pandemic left us all wanting for human interaction. Even people who were inherently introverts felt a need to connect. Sometimes however, it’s not easy to break into these communities. There’s alway an alpha in the pack – always someone who dominates the conversation and it becomes uncomfortable for the rest.

Despite that, Discords, Facebook groups and even Twitter groups have become enormously popular – all to foster that one feeling.

A sense of belonging.