Yesterday, someone posted the story of the Tiger and the Donkey and the moral of the story is that you don’t argue with a donkey if you are the more intelligent creature. You should choose the higher ground.

While I do agree with parts of this, I don’t think we should be so arrogant to think that everyone is a lost cause. True, there are people who argue for the sake of arguing. Also true, there are people who are fanatics in this world and refuse to listen to the voice of reason or even for that matter science. But, that doesn’t mean we should stop fighting.

It also doesn’t mean that we disrespect the views of others, particularly if they are not harming anyone. I am a semi-religious person, and if you think about it logically, I have blind faith in a higher power that hasn’t been proven by science. But then again, it hasn’t been disproved either. My view is very simple. My religious beliefs are personal to me and they are my own. I don’t go around arguing with people about what I believe.

So herein lies the difference. A wise person perhaps won’t argue.

Having said that, I still think it’s not right to write people off as ignorant. And it’s even more wrong not to let your voice be heard.

I always that the best part of the Internet is that it’s given a voice to people. I also say, the worst part of the Internet is that it’s given a voice to people.

Because anyone can be a keyboard warrior now, you do have a lot of people spewing out incorrect information and harming others with their opinions. It’s not always easy to fight these people. And you may think, “why argue with donkeys” because I am the more enlightened.

However, the only way to make sure that people like this don’t continue to hurt other people is to make your voice be heard. Learn, research and teach.

Be the louder voice, where it matters.