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We often forget what’s important. We often put a lot of weight on getting to the top. And in our pursuit of wealth and power, we forget how important comfort is. 

Over past 2 decades, all I’ve done is run. It had been a never ending rat race. Banking is not an easy industry. Not only are you running for targets and bonuses but, you also having to make sure you don’t lose money. All this while you keep wondering who will stab you in the back. And stab they did. 

I’ve had close friends turn on me because I was climbing the corporate ladder faster than them. 

This pandemic gave me pause. Like many other people, our lives slowed down. And I realized that even though I had gone back to a job, we were given space because no one way okay. The job didn’t pay what I was worth but it was comfortable. 

And whenever I thought about being underpaid, I also realized I was not overworked. I told myself – it’s the price you pay for comfort. 

That comfort got so addictive. So embedded in my DNA that when things started to go again this year, I decided to quit and go back to a startup. 

Don’t get me wrong – you probably have to work way more in your own in business. In fact, I am. I now work 6 days a week and almost 16 hours a day. But I am home and I work at my pace. 

As for earnings power – no doubt the more you work, the more you earn. There’s no substitute for hard work, no matter what anyone says. You don’t sip mojito’s on the beach and make $20k a month. Were that true, we’d have plenty of millionaires sitting around. 

But not hitting that 7-figure mark is the price you pay for comfort. 

And trust me it’s not all bad. 

For longest time, I’ve been the most ambitious person I know. I worked hard to get to the top wherever I went. It didn’t hurt that I was somewhat talented as well. But, after years of that, I probably have burn out. 

Taking a step back is not always a bad thing, and perhaps it’s something that’s warranted. It doesn’t always have to mean that you do nothing or you can just be lazy but, more that you don’t have to zip around at the speed of light not ever being able to catch your breath. 

Pay the price for comfort once in a while. Choose to be happy.