Wrong, wrong, wrong!

I don’t think it’s right to carry around fake designer bags. Now, this may sound totally pompous and arrogant, but I firmly believe in this policy. I do understand that not everyone can afford a designer bag, but that’s no excuse. There was a time that I couldn’t afford a designer bag. Do you know what I did? I carried non-branded bags. But never a fake.

It’s not so much the idea of stealing designs or that designers go through a lot of trouble coming up with their ideas. Neither is it the issue, that most people can’t tell the difference. I just don’t believe in anything fake. What does that really say about a person?

Worse still, are the companies that steal designs and parade them as their own. Cheaper labels like Guess and Forever 21 ripping off designs should just be banned. Walk into a Guess store and one can buy a Jimmy Choo lookalike. How wrong is that? I suppose designers take the high road of not suing such companies.

I think people really should think twice before buying knock-offs!!