From the moment I saw the Original online, I knew I would give in a buy one eventually. Just the thought of cover being made from one piece of leather was so appealing (weird, I know!). Then I started to see all the reviews on various blog posts and I just couldn’t help myself.

I did, however, make a bold move by getting an A5. I haven’t used an A5 in over 2 years. The personal has been working so well for me and I love my Wine Osterley. I have all the personal Filofaxes that I really like – I have a Malden in  Black, Osterley in Wine and a Compact Chameleon in Raspberry. So, I decided to be bold and get the A5.

It’s simply gorgeous….. and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to integrate it into my life. I so want to use this Filofax now. But I simply cannot give up the portability of the Personal. It came with a 2014 diary insert as well, so I have plenty of time to figure out changing up my planner.

It comes with a plastic cover to protect the leather (something new from Filofax). It took me two days to part with the plastic. 🙂

Filofax The Original A5 - Front Cover
Filofax The Original A5 – Front Cover
Filofax The Original - A5 - Back Cover
Filofax The Original – A5 – Back Cover

And here are some more pictures….of the inside, the button (love the retro look).

Photo 9-25-13, 10 10 39 PM Photo 9-25-13, 10 11 09 PM Photo 9-25-13, 10 12 04 PM