I can usually make very quick decisions. For example, when I walk into a clothing store, it hardly takes me 10 min to walk around and choose what I like. I’m like a dream come true for anyone who goes shopping with me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yet there are times when I’m faced with utter confusion and I can’t make up my mind on what I want. For example, the kind of Filofax that I want to use. The personal vs A5 dilemma has been a long debate and the personal won every time. I used the Personal for almost 2 years and funnily enough that was during the most busy times in my work life. I carried it around everywhere and I was quite happy with the setup.

I recently bought an A5 and I think with more time on my hands, I am hankering to change my Filofax philosophy. I am no longer thinking about being in the “One Life, One Filofax” camp. I am inclined to use the A5 for work and a compact personal to carry in my purse. So this means I will be lugging around two filofaxes and none are super light. Still, it makes sense to at least try this approach. I have done it for two weeks and i’m already having second thoughts. But may be I should just stick it out. I love the space and freedom the A5 gives me. Also, i’m no longer inclined to carry around my work notes in my purse. My car is mostly with me all the time and that’s where the A5 lives outside of work (in my laptop case). I am still totally confused and just thinking it out aloud.