The Perfect Life on Facebook

Ever wondered how perfect everybody’s life seems on Facebook? Open up your FB and you are flooded by announcements of picture perfect weddings, the ultimate honeymoon experience, people reaching mountain tops…

Is life really that perfect? It would seem that there is a never ending competition of whose life could be more exciting. There seems to be a constant pressure among peers to out-do one another with picture of flashy new cars or posts about the holiday that everybody dreams about. While life’s essence might be survival of the fittest, it certainly is not “show off with your moments”!

In this day and age, people seem to be constantly trying to prove that they live the more exciting life. It’s gotten to a point where I’ve often heard people say…. oh let’s take a picture, I must upload this on FB. It would then seem that sharing a picture on FB is probably more important that savouring the moment or cherishing the memory.

The down side to all of this is that life is not as perfect as it seems on Facebook. And the truth is people do get hurt, lose their jobs and suffer great losses. More often then not, people should consider this when bragging about their great victories in life. Being humble is a virtue. Being humble on Facebook could be an art…

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