It’s that time again, when I get restless about my planner. I’ve been consistent in using a Filofax for the last 18 months. Mostly the personal size. I did have a short brush with the A5, but soon realised I just couldn’t cope withe weight. So back to the smaller size, this time a compact. But then I travelled for a few weeks and realised I would need to carry quite a bit of information so I switched to my Malden. 

Now I’m back to feeling the weight, as I’m carrying around my laptop and all the other stuff in my bag. I’ve decided to make another switch. I’m thinking about using a Moleskine for work. I had once used the Week+Notes format and it worked quite well. I’m thinking about going back to it. It’s a really portable, workable size. Note-taking is quick and easy, plus I would have a week to view diary, which I must have. (I also love the paper in a Moleskine!)

I’m not giving up the Filofax though (heaven forbid!). But I am thinking about downsizing. Either I go back to a compact or I move to a pocket size. I got a love black Chameleon Filofax in Pocket. I love the feel of the Chameleon. I’ve only used it to write quotes and list books that I want to read. May be it’s time I make it more functional. It would be interesting to see how I get along. Making use of the compact would be an easier choice since I wouldn’t have to transfer my address pages. But I think it’s time for a challenge. I will dare myself to be different in 2014…..