my Moleskine Monthly Notebook 2014

*Warning: Picture heavy post*

One of resolutions for the new year was to switch to a Moleskine for work. As is the case with any stationery lover I lost track of time in the store and ended buying a bunch of notebooks. One of them is a pocket size Moleskine Monthly Notebook. It just so caught my fancy.

It’s the soft cover edition in black which makes it thinner and more flexible so I’m planning to stick it in my filofax.

Moleskine Soft Cover

The first few pages is pretty standard of any Moleskine with the lovely cream coloured paper. Although, I’m very surprised as to how thin the paper has become over the years.



It has a calendar and a year planner for 2014 and 2015. Flight duration, time zones, measures, international size charts etc. It also has a ruler as shown below (a feature I simply love).

Then it has the month on two pages followed by two pages of notes. Once that finishes, about 40% of the notebook is just notes pages.


It also comes with the standard back pocket, which to my surprise, was stuffed with these awesome stickers.

I think I’m going to enjoy using this mini notebook obviously till I have another bout of planner dilemma.

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