Overall review: GOOD

I’m not a big fan of BB creams. For some reason they seem to leave a white shadow on my face and they feel very oily. So naturally, when the guy at the Maybelline counter asked me to try it, I was completely skeptical. But then, I tried it one the back of my hand and it seemed to blend in so well. I was pleasantly surprised. Given the price, I decided, why not?

I’ve been using the BB Cream for a week now and here’s why I am liking it

– blends really well into the skin
– just enough coverage (I don’t think they are meant to provide foundation like coverage)
– SPF 30 – love that, since I live in Dubai where the sun is strong even if it’s winter
– doesn’t leave face oily, just enough moisturization (although sometimes I use a moisturizer underneath)
– doesn’t ball up like brightening balms
– not heavy, does have a fresh feel
– super cheap

– just a light cover, doesn’t really brighten
– can make skin look white only if too much is used
– can get a bit oily, again if too much is used in the day time

This is what the website claims:
I found 4 out these 8 to be true – even skin tone, smoothes, SPF30, no heavy ingredients.

This is what looks like. Packaging is good as it comes in a tube:

These are the ingredients

There’s really no point in showing the consistency and how it looks on the skin, since it blends in really well.

The price in Dubai is about AED 40 (approximately US$8). It’s a pretty good product for the price.