*Disclaimer: This blog post is based solely on my opinion and observations. Statements made have no factual research.*

I don’t know why this question came to my mind. Lately I’ve been observing certain trends around me. Now, it could be that all this just a funny coincidence. But who knows, there may be some truth to the matter.

I’ve often noticed that women try to avoid risks – necessary or unnecessary. For example, take a woman driver, she may speed occasionally, but you will hardly ever get an instance where she would be reckless and weaving between traffic. I do that, but do I do it often? Probably not.

How about change? Sometimes I feel, that women are not wholly open to change. It’s not like that they can’t cope with it. But often, you’ll see a woman very comfortable in her surroundings. They don’t switch jobs often and are more prone to going with the flow. I wonder is it in our inherent nature to be more grounded?