There are a lot of dissidents of social media. but if used properly, it could be fun. The key is keeping at it and devoting time. The more you blog or tweet, the more followers you are likely to gather. For a busy person working a full time job and managing a family, this can be a real challenge. Even though one can now blog or tweet on the go, with the advent of mobile devices, you still need to keep up. I think one of the easiest ways to probably beat this for blogging is block free time on the weekends and write up several posts. Then, publish on a regular basis.  With twitter it gets more difficult as the time line keeps moving and twitter is meant to be all about spontaneity.

The awful thing is if you dont keep at it and don’t gain followers you often think that what you are wasting your time. In a funny way, it feeds our appetite for attention. Some may even think it slightly narcissistic.  That’s a different topic of discussion.

The one thing I have noticed is to have patience. It’s not likely that you will gain followers immediately. But if you keep at it, eventually it can turn out to be quite the satisfying experience.

What is your motto in tweeting or blogging?