These are some of my more weird musings surfacing.

When I was younger I always thought it would be cool to wear glasses, as in reading glasses. I knew how cumbersome it was for people who had vision problems so I didn’t have the same notion about wearing glasses all the time. For some reason, people who wore reading glasses always seemed more serious and in control of what they were doing. Please don’t ask me where those thoughts came from!

Now, that I am at a stage of being asked to wear them for real, I hate it. My eyes are not that bad so I can mostly make do without them. But staring at the screen with small font or reading very small font too long becomes uncomfortable. I can’t read very small don’t either.

It would seem that my faraway vision is also being compromised. Things that were quote clear on a billboard are blurry now. But I refuse to wear the glasses all the time.

So now I don’t think wearing glasses is cool and I can understand how it can be difficult. For me, I just feel like there’s something extra on my face. Although funnily enough I don’t feel the same with sunglasses.