I was waiting in a queue with my car to exit a parking lot yesterday. I noticed a few cars ahead of me, there was a car trying to reverse out of his parking spot and enter the line with us. Guess what, not a single car would give him space. I watched in amusement for a while at how inconsiderate people could be. What would it take to stop and let this car out. It’s not like it would waste a half hour of your time. Just probably a couple of minutes.

Every day, I come across numerous such instances and it appalls me to see how inconsiderate some people can be. It’s like life is a constant competition with people you don’t even know. The natural reaction is that I don’t know them so why should I care. In my opinion, that is so wrong on so many different levels.

People say that’s how it is in the real world. You need to toughen up or get out. Personally, I think people should be tough where it matters. Being rude, discourteous and inconsiderate is not the way to display strength.

Have we all become so devoid of feeling that being inconsiderate is something that just comes naturally to people now?