I decided to visit Sephora in search of yet another facial moisturizer. Over the past few months notjing seems to be suiting me anymore. I used to use DiorSnow but I think they may have changed the formula for the cream and it’s not working on me anymore. Again, I have tried everything from drugstore brands to semi-highend brands. Nothing seems to work. Lately, I have even been breaking out. So when the SA suggested I try Lancome’s DreamTone,  I thought, why not?

It’s not a moisturizer,  it’s a serum and it’s supposed to be used twice a day. It comes in a pump bottle which is convenient but the bottle is not transparent so you can’t really see how much is left. The contitution of thw serum itself is really nice. It has faint rosy smell and it goes on like silk. It sinks into the skin really well without an greasy feeling. It also has luminescent particles which gives the skin a very subtle sheer.

I am using No.3 which is for tanned/dark skin. It promises to even out skin tone and get rid of dark spots. I have a slight shadow around my mouth and chin, so I am hoping it will even that out. It’s also supposed to have a small amount of salicylic acid to clear up break outs.

It’s day two and so far I am happy with the constitution and the fact that my break out has cleared up somewhat.  The challenge lasts 4 weeks after which my skin should look so good I can “dare to bare”, I.e. not use any makeup at all. Let’s see what this $100+ bottle of miracle can deliver.