I’m a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to books, stationery, agendas, notebooks etc. My purse ( and my credit card) seem to know no boundaries when it comes to these items. Most recently, I’ve been having an urge to shift to an A5 size for work. This is one of those moments where I’m plagued by the planner size dilemma. Although I own a number nice A5’s already, I just thought buying an LV Agenda GM aka large ring agenda (which fits A5 paper) could be a “grande” idea.

I already have the MM model which is the medium size. This fits paper from the Filofax Personal model. I used it for almost a year at a stretch. It is a lovely binder and I have my initials on it too. Then I switched to other Filofax models. Currently I’m using the Holborn Personal in Brown. The leather is soft and wonderful to use.

I went to one of the local stores to have a look at it but they didn’t have it. From what I hear, LV is slowly phasing out agendas because people don’t buy them so much any more since smartphones and tablets flooded the market. I have to say, what a shame!!

I think I will keep looking. Given the price, I may consider buying a used one in good condition. Or may be, LV might start selling them at discount to get rid of old stock, if I get lucky.