For some reason, I always delay going to the doctor. And i’m not the only who does this. I know plenty of people who have the same problem. For some I guess, it’s pure laziness . For others, it’s about finding the right time. Sometimes, it also depends on the severity of the problem, I guess. For example, I had been told that I would need to get my wisdom teeth removed but I never went to the dentist until the pain actually started. Let’s face it, hardly any one in their right mind would go to dentist willingly to get their tooth removed. So may be that a bad example.

But I do know many people who actually don’t go to the doctor for the fear of finding out that something is terribly wrong with them. This is counter-intuitive because the more you delay a visit, chances are whatever you have could have gotten worse. With most health problems, the earlier you catch it, the better your chances of survival (in the worst case). We are rational intelligent beings. Yet, this simple logic often seems to escape us. And I am no different.