I was so very excited to see the Midori Traveller’s Notebook in my local Kinokunyia and just couldn’t wait to buy it and set it up. I bought the brown one in the large size and blogged about it immediately. 

I had thought it would be the perfect combination for an everyday planner – the freedom to have inserts and a size that’s neither to big (A5) nor to cramped (Personal). Unfortunately as soon as I set it up, I realised that it could not use it as my planner. Here is why

  • I use my planner for work, so the undated pages just wouldn’t do. I don’t have the patience to sit and date all the pages. 
  • I work in the financial services industry in a client facing role. The MTN doesn’t look too professional. I just couldn’t think of pulling it out to take notes at a client meeting
  • May be I have set it up wrong or my elastics bands are too tight, but my MTN doesn’t lay flat without some help
  • I realised that I love the Filofax ring bound system, whatever the size may be, and just couldn’t come to terms with giving it up!!

Having said all this, I love the leather cover and the set up of MTN. I am using the MTN everyday and I will leave the set up for another post.