Carrying paper

I’m having a bit of a dilemma and I’d really like some suggestions.

I’ve been misplacing my papers a lot lately. I have quite a lot of A4 sized print outs that I need for work which I need to carry to client meetings. I don’t want to put them in my bag because they get scuffed. So I just carry them in my hand and then end up leaving them in my car or at someone’s office. I’m not a lawyer, so carrying around a fancy briefcase doesn’t work either. My filofax is a personal size so I can probably only carry few sheets but I’d have to fold them up twice, which isn’t very nice.

I’ve looked at A4 folios or A4 Filofaxes. They seem to be quite large and I don’t know if I could really carry them around everywhere conveniently. The A5 filofax seems like a plausible answer. I could just fold the papers and stick them in. But then I would probably have to give up my Personal because I just can’t manage two filofaxes. I’m still confused and would welcome any suggestions.

6 thoughts on “Carrying paper

  1. I’m not sure if this will be much help to you but for my classes, I carry loose papers around in a clipboard like this:
    Inside my clipboard, I keep a paper folder kind of like this:
    And that leaves me with lots of ways to organize my loose papers. The nice part about this is you can get those two things for cheap. I actually got both my clipboard and folder as orientation freebies during my first year of university, and I’ve been using them for three years now. Only thing is it’s a bit big so it doesn’t really fit into a purse well, and the papers are still loose so if you drop it, they’ll go flying everywhere. Still it works well for what I need it for.


  2. I use high quality, colored file folders for papers that will travel outside of my office. They stand out more mixed in with other people’s things, and I can pop them in my work-day handbag. I carry a medium size Coach handbag Mon-Fri, and the back pocket (when left open) can hold 3-4 folders. I carry smaller bags on the weekend, but all my handbags need space to carry my planner. HTH!


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