Paperchase Diary

I bought this Paperchase diary today. It’s a July 2014 to July 2015 diary. It’s an A5 size. I don’t know why I did this. I am using my personal filofax as my planner. I guess recently I have been craving more space but the A5 size just always seems too big for me. When I browsed through this diary in the store I just really liked the lay out.

This is the cover. Very plain with a moleskine type elastic band in red. I liked the contrast and the plain black would look fine at work.


The first page is for personal info.

The next two pages are interesting. I suppose this is apt since this is an academic diary. It has two timetable pages.

Next up is a simple yearly planner.


But this is what got me excited. What lovely two page spread of the week and a small section for notes. Plus each day is equal, like the cotton cream diary pages I am using in my personal filofax. My week starts on Sunday, here in Dubai. So, it’s important that I get a full Sunday block instead one to share with Saturday.


The disappointing part is that there is only page for notes and one page for contacts. But I suppose thats what makes this lightweight and easy to carry.


Last but not least, a lovely top opening envelope made of thick plastic. I think I will stick a moleskine cahier here for quick notes.


I really like the layout and I think I’m going to start using this at work. I can carry A4 paper as well, as long as fold them in half. I am guessing the elastic will hold things in.

I am by no means giving up my personal filofax, though.

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