Bonding with your planner

I got this A5 diary from Paperchase. I used it for a week and it was ok. The spaces are really large and it is convenient to write in but for some reason it just wasn’t comfortable. There is some truth to bonding with a planner. Sometimes a planner just doesn’t feel right, even if it has all the features that you are looking for.

I am quite happily using my Midori Travellers’ Notebook for my personal use. I don’t really carry it around. But I like to come home and write in it. I write up blog ideas and quotes. I sometimes sketch in it too. i just feel that I do bond with. I love my personal filofax and I’ve used it for work and appointments for almost 3 years now. But I have been feeling constrained in my personal lately. I’ve tried putting in daily pages. But that defeats the purpose of being able to look at my week in full.

Well, I tried using the Paperchase diary. But it didn’t work. I thought i had found something with all the features I needed. Turns out this is not the solution I was looking for. So for now, I am back in my Personal Filofax.

2 thoughts on “Bonding with your planner

  1. I never really thought about it as bonding process with your planner, I guess that’s very true though. You need a bond to keep coming back to it every day, looking at it only once or twice a week defeats the purpose. I hope you can find what you’re looking for.


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