Over the last couple of months, few bloggers I’ve followed regularly have decided to stop blogging. I realise most of them have been blogging for several years so they may be tired of it, or may have reached their objective. But it made me wonder whether blogging has now become a thing of the past.

There was a time when people avidly followed newspaper or magazine columns. Those then turned into blogs. Now I’m thinking that with the pace of the world, people hardly have time to follow, let alone write blogs. With the explosion of various social media, people have resorted to cutting their words short. Sites like Twitter and even Facebook are very effecting for getting a quick message or your thoughts across. As technology has progressed with fantastic smartphones, avenues like Instagram and Vine have become ever so popular. With these, you no longer even need words. All you need is a simple picture or video.

I know I haven’t always been a regular blogger and may be I started blogging regularly somewhat late in the game. But I’m hoping I haven’t miss the train. Blogging makes me feel good. It’s a great way to get some writing done. Great way to reach out to people and even to share information and ideas. I don’t think any other social medium has the power of a blog and I hope people realise that. I hope, for the sake of mankind, people don’t stop blogging.